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Build a new startup ecosystem with us.

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Driving with us the the change of the ecosystem in your city forward.

Flexibel hosting. Be creative. Content test new approaches.

Freedom of design. Onboard with us the right talents

Be listed on top site, by # city

Program Coordinator

Special Assistant

Special Assistant

Program Coordinator

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Nicolas Brown, Instructor

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Ema Ducon, Student


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Maria Jonson, Student

Meet our Mentors

We are diverse. Creating impact on a regular base. Specialised from Business, Creative to Tech.

Flexibel hosting. Be creative. I Content test new hands-on approaches.

Solutions from courses, open consultations to online coachings.

Get reach. Post and shoutout content I medium. get a portfolio: https://foundersunion.de/professor-home/

Ambassador Branding and Portfolio I Publish article, Sell Books  I Webinars , Get special visibitiy, + duties

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Build a strong partnership with us.

Build with us targeted solutions for founder.

Engage closely and partnering up longterm.

Revenue Share.

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